1A44 0850 Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston

1A44 0850 Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston

13th August 2021 0 By Adam Forsyth

Engineering works between Weaver Jn and Crewe means that an amended timetable was in operation for Virgin Trains between London and Liverpool/Glasgow. Most Liverpool services are replaced by busses however a few shall divert via Manchester. You are in charge of a morning southbound departure across the Chat Moss to Manchester timetabled to take 45 minutes however being a Sunday morning, very little is around so may run early. Traction is a Class 390 Pendolino


Alan Thomson Simulation Chat Moss Route

Major Wales Class 390 Revamp Pack
Major Wales Class 175 Revamp Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 319 Vol. 1 EMU Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2 DMU Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156 DMU Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/1 DMU Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350 Enhancement Pack

Jake Fuller Class 185 Pack

Vulcan Productions Class 150/1 ex London Midland
Vulcan Productions ex First Scotrail (Northern) Branding Pack

This scenario has been fully tested however should any issues arise, please let me know so I can fix them. All feedback welcome