1N26 11:27 London King’s Cross to Sunderland (2010) Part 1

1N26 11:27 London King’s Cross to Sunderland (2010) Part 1

13th August 2021 0 By Cactus732

During a transitional period on the ECML you’ll be in charge of 43084 leading classmate 065, both still with their Valenta engines, on the 11:27 from London King’s Cross to Sunderland. Part 1 will be nonstop, theoretically, from London King’s Cross to York.

Scenario Route: ATS The East Coast Main Line London to Leeds and York
Scneario Length: 2hrs

All passenger AI is from the 2010 working timetable, Freight is from 2011 due to the relevant 2010 timetable not being available on the Network Rail Archive


AP Valenta HST EP
APW Class 313
AP Class 317 Volume 1
AP Class 321 + Dpsimulation Northern Reskin
AP Class 365EP + Rfletcher72 (DPsimulation) FCC Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Peterborough and Norfolk reskins
AP Class 66EP
AP Class 91EP + James Ivell (ATS) Class 91 improvement patch
APW Class 142 + Majorwales Class 142 Revamp Pack
AP Class 156
AP Class 158 Cummins EP
AP Class 168/170/171 EP + Vulcan Productions Legacy Arriva Cross Country with Various Decals Pack
AP FSA Wagons
AP HIA Wagons
DTG Class 180 + Majorwales Class 180 Revamp Pack
Jake Fuller (ATS) Class 185 2.2.1
JT Class 153 + Majorwales Class 153 revamp pack* + Majorwales Norhern Rail Class 155
JT Voyager
Ontrack Simulation KFA Binliners