1Y07 0738 Ipswich to London Liverpool Street

1Y07 0738 Ipswich to London Liverpool Street

3rd April 2020 1 By Cactus732

Included are 2 versions of the same scenario where you can choose to drive a pair of 360s or a pair of 321s subbing for 360s (Because I hate the default 360) on a morning peak service from Ipswich to London Liverpool Street.

Scenario Route: GEML London-Ipswich
Scenario Length: 90 Minutes


DTG GEML London-Ipswich + Superalbs Greater Anglia 360
AP Class 321 + James Ivell (ATS) Greater Anglia Purple + Superalbs Greater Anglia New Branding + BH Reskins Greater Anglia Renatus
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
AP Class 68 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
APW GEML Class 90 + Ash99478 (VP) Greater Anglia Patch
APW Freightliner Class 90
APW Class 315 + Ash99478 (VP) London Overground and TFL Branding
DTG North London Line or Class 378 capitalstar
DTG Class 455/8 + Superalbs Greater Anglia Class 317 (All Variants) + London Overground Class 317 (All Variants) + Great Northern Class 317
AP Sky/weather enhancement pack*

*=recommended but not required

Both versions have been tested in 64bit only, not recommended for use in 32bit