1V20 1000 Victoria to Folkestone Hbr

1V20 1000 Victoria to Folkestone Hbr

23rd May 2024 4 By Adam Haigh

Before the Channel Tunnel Rail Link opened in the 1990s, British Rail ran fast and frequent services from London terminals to the South East coast. On this Sunday morning, you’ll be driving the 10:00 southbound boat train from Victoria to Orpington, where another driver will be waiting to take over. Year: 1979.


25-minute scenario for the Chatham Mainline: London to Dover & Ramsgate route on Steam.



Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):

London to Dover and Ramsgate Patch;

EPB Collision Box Fix.


Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):

Weather EP V2;

Class 411.


DPSimulation (and their dependencies):

Class 415/2 ‘BR Blue’ & 415/6 ‘BR blue grey’.



Class 33;

Class 421;

YQA Super Tench Wagons.


Steam Sounds Supreme:

Departmental Wagons Collection.


Vulcan Productions (and their dependencies):

Class 419 MLV Repaint Pack.