1Q26 06:06 Derby – Glasgow Central

1Q26 06:06 Derby – Glasgow Central

30th January 2021 2 By mattyjamesss87

Thank you for downloading this scenario. This is one scenario for the WCML ‘Missing Link’ Phase 3 which covers the track between Stafford and Preston set in the Autumn of 2010

You are at the controls of Network Rail’s NMT consisting of 43062 ‘John Armitt’ & 43013 ‘Mark Carne’ Working 1Q26 Derby – Glasgow Central. You join the train at Stafford where you are to take it along the WCML to Preston nonstop. Due to issues at Derby earlier on in the morning, you are currently running 40 minutes late but should make up some time upon your arrival in Preston.

Extract the file to a suitable location using 7zip, once completed, copy the ‘Content’ folder into your rail works folder and it should install. Clear the cache and off you go!

BR Virgin Class 390 EMU (Now discontinued)
BR Class 66 V2
BR Class 150 /1
European community asset pack
BR Class 70
BR Class 92
WCML Trent Valley
London – Portsmouth
Edinburgh – Glasgow / BR Class 170
Liverpool – Manchester
Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 390 Sound Pack (Discontinued)
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 158 Cummins EP
Class 170 EP
Class 66 EP
Class 150/1 EP
Class 150/2
Class 156
Class 90 (Freightliner)
Class 142
Class 350 EP
JNA-C Wagon
FTA Wagon
AP Track & Weather EP

WCML Missing Link Phase 3 + associated requirements
BH Class 390 Reskin Pack
HST Improvements

Just Trains:
Voyager Advanced