1P60 1703 Dover Priory to London Victoria

1P60 1703 Dover Priory to London Victoria

1st July 2020 6 By Sprinter158

Take 1P60 up to London from Faversham on this Bank Holiday Sunday.
You are currently being held just outside Faversham,awaiting the portion from Dover to arrive. You will then couple to the rear of it in the platform, before continuing forward as 1P60.

Duration: 90 minutes
TOC: SouthEastern
Track Covered: Faversham – Victoria
Date: Sunday 30 August 2020 (Bank Holiday Weekend)

⦁ London to Brighton
⦁ London to Faversham
⦁ Chatham Main Line
⦁ Class 465 Add-On

Armstrong Powerhouse
⦁ Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
⦁ Class 465/466 Enhancement Pack
⦁ Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack *

Alan Thomson Sim
⦁ Desiro City Pack – Class 700/707/717

Steam Workshop
⦁ London Victoria + St Pancras to Faversham 2016

* This scenario uses the AP Sky & Weather EP extension patterns. If you don’t own it, the correct weather will NOT be displayed, It will still run OK, but will use a default weather pattern.