1H84 11:50 Hastings to London Charing Cross

1H84 11:50 Hastings to London Charing Cross

1st July 2020 2 By The Trainspotter from Tauranga

(This is a standard mode scenario for ‘The 1066 Line’ route by Backdated TrainSim)

In this scenario you will drive a Southeastern service out of Hastings and up to Tonbridge. This service is formed of two Class 375/7 units (an 8-car train), and you will call at all stations to Tonbridge:

St. Leonards Warrior Square
West St. Leonards
Tunbridge Wells
High Brooms

It’s a cloudy day over East Sussex and Kent today, and the railway is operating as normal. You should not encounter any delays on your run to Tonbridge.

Duration – 61 minutes
Difficulty Level – Medium

This scenario requires the following DLC:

Chatham Mainline – London to Gillingham
Freightliner Class 66 v2.0
Freightliner Class 70 (for the MJA wagons)
London to Brighton
Southeastern Class 375 Dark Blue Livery Pack (from Steam Marketplace)

(Backdated TrainSim)
The 1066 Line

(Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 375/377 Sound Pack (optional, though now discontinued)

(DP Simulation)
MJA GBRf wagon