1P16 09:30 LST-NRW

1P16 09:30 LST-NRW

27th January 2021 5 By Jonathan Molyneux

Snowfall last night in Norfolk left DBSO 9710 with a TDM fault meaning the set for the 1P16 the 09:30 London-Norwich could no longer operate as push-pull. As a result, 86237 has be called in to lead the set and redundant 90050 to Norwich calling at: Chelmsford, Colchester, Manningtree, Ipswich, Stowmarket, Diss and Norwich. The snow has also left rail conditions poor so be extra cautions when tapping up as there isn’t time to waste.

Duration: 110 Minutes


*Class 86*
*West Coast Main Line North*
Class 159 Network South East
Class 66 EWS v2.0
Class 66 Freightliner v2.0
Class 170 ‘Turbostar’ DMU
Freightliner Class 57/0

Steam Workshop
*Great Eastern Mainline* (And its essential requirements)

*Class 86 Enhancement Pack*
*MK2 D-F Coach Pack*
*MK2 DBSO Coach Pack*
*Class 90/MK3 DVT Pack*
Class 314/315 EMU Pack
Class 321 EMU Pack
Class 158 Cummins/Perkins Enhancement Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Class 150/2 DMU Pack

The DLC marked with asterisks (*) are required for the basic functionality of the scenario. Other DLC adds to the realism and intended experience in the scenario.

To start the installation of the scenario, unzip the .7z file.