1N92 1127 London Kings Cross to Sunderland (Winter 2009)

1N92 1127 London Kings Cross to Sunderland (Winter 2009)

15th February 2021 0 By Jamie Liddell

The Big Freeze of December 2009 has arrived and the country has been hit hard but the show must go on. You have been entrusted with driving 1N92, operated by an HST, between York and Eaglescliffe with the chance of alterations at any point. The rails are slippery so be careful with all that power at your disposal.

The base timetable is correct as of Winter 2009 timetables from DPS Timetable Archive, however the events are fictional.

DPS-RLS ECML North East (Direct download from DPS website, not the Steam Workshop version. These are separate.)
AP 43/Mk3 Valenta and MTU EPs
AP 91/Mk4 EP
AP 168/170/171 EP (TPE 170s used in place of 185s)
AP 158 Cummins EP
DTG Class 66 V2 (I don’t have shed EP yet)
DTG Class 66 V1 (for wagons)

Optional (I think):
ATS HST Improvement
ATS 91 Improvement