1N81 London Kings Cross to York July 1996 (GNER)

1N81 London Kings Cross to York July 1996 (GNER)

18th March 2019 0 By canada john

We are taking a trip back in time in this scenario all the way back to the summer of 1996 during the GNER days.
These were the days when the railways were full of screaming and smokey Valentas,(OH Happy days)
I have used the currant timetable for this service as i have no idea how tu get hold of an older one.
As for the rolling stock my memory is not as good as it used to be so i am hoping that i have got ion nrearly right.

Route:CreativeRail/DTG Peterbrough York (Modern)
Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 150 EP
Class 158 EP
Class 43 Val EP
Class 47 Pack
Class 91 Pack
All the wagon Packs
Sky and Weather EP
BAA agon Pack
BR MK2 Pack 01
BR MK2 Pack 02

Class 159 Pack 01
Class 56
Class 66 Packs 2&3
Class 91

Class 150 Pack 01
Virgin Pack 01

Thomson OOVEE:
Class 150 Pack 01

AP Wagonz:
Class 90 Pack 02

DT: DT MK2E Coaches

BR Class 156 Pack 01