1L52 10:24 SWA-EAL Part 2

1L52 10:24 SWA-EAL Part 2

7th December 2019 1 By Jonathan Molyneux

It’s Christmas Eve 2016 and all Paddington bound GWR services are terminating at Ealing Broadway due to Crossrail work outside of Padd. Today you’re at the helm of 1L52 the 10:24 Swansea to Ealing Broadway service calling at: Neath, Port Talbot Parkway, Bridgend, Cardiff Central, Newport, Bristol Parkway, Swindon, Didcot Parkway, Reading and Ealing Broadway. Traffic is light but there are a few delays due to the cold weather. In Part 2 you’ll be continuing to London from Bristol.
Duration 90 Minutes


*European Loco & Asset Pack*
Class 66 EWS v2.0
Class 66 Freightliner v2.0
Great Eastern Mainline: London-Ipswich

Just Trains:
*Western Mainlines*
Voyager Advanced

Armstrong Powerhouse:
*Class 43 HST MTU Enhancement Pack*
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack

*Class 43 Improvement Patch*
*MK3 TC & TRSMB Pack*
HST: GWR ‘Sticker Express’
JT Class 220 & 221 Patch

Major Wales Design:
*First Great Western HST Nameplate Pack*
Class 360 Heathrow Express

Class 166 GWR
Class 166 FGW Plain Blue

The DLC marked with asterisks (*) are required for the correct functionality of the scenario, while others are non-influential AI.

For Part 1 of the scenario select ‘South Wales Main Line (GWML to Swansea)’ on the drop-down menu in the scenario page and look for:
1L52 10:24 SWA-EAL Part 1.

To start the installation of the scenario, unzip the .7z file.