1L51– 16:50 London Waterloo – Westbury (May 2018)

1L51– 16:50 London Waterloo – Westbury (May 2018)

22nd February 2021 1 By FunkyDcz

Good morning driver. Today, you are at the controls of South West Trains unit 159005, on a service through to Westbury.
You start at Castle Cray and await your signal. You will be waiting for a late running Great Western service to pass.
All traffic and allocations are prototypical and taken from WTTs. However, things don’t always work how they should – especially on the railway!
Please follow all instructions in the scenario.


Routes –
South Western Expressways Just Trains

Rolling Stock –
European Asset Pack Steam
Class 159 Pack01 Steam
Class 43/HST MTU EP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 158 Cummins EP Armstrong Powerhouse

Weather Enhancement Pack Armstrong Powerhouse

Massive Thankyou to Matt Carroll for providing me with accurate allocations for this scenario!

* As with all scenarios utilising AP products, it is ESSENTIAL that you have all extra stock packs installed. This will ensure the correct functionality and working of the scenario!