1L15 Liverpool Lime Street – Nottingham

1L15 Liverpool Lime Street – Nottingham

17th July 2019 1 By masterdaniel123

This scenario sees you take charge of 1L15, the 1650 off Liverpool Lime Street to Nottingham. A regular working, with a slight twist. The front 2 coaches are 2 single car 153 DMU Units (153355 / 153374) With the rear unit being the standard 158 (158 777.)

Requires: (Payware)
Liverpool to Manchester Route (Steam)
Class 150/1 (Steam)
Class 390 Pendolino (Steam – THE OLDER PENDOLINO)
Class 170 DMU (Steam)
Class 156 DMU (Steam)
Class 153 DMU (Just Trains)
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 170 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Horgy’s Virgin Trains Reskin (From DPSimulation)
RFletcher72’s East Midlands Trains 158 Reskin (From DPSimulation)
Class 153 Revamp Pack (From MajorWales Design)

A Readme file with installation instructions and requirements is included – just in case I have missed anything off this list.

The scenario should appear under the route ‘Liverpool to Manchester via Warrington Central’ route (Not the electrified or revamped versions) and the scenario should be found under the name ‘[JS] 1L15 Liverpool Lime Street to Nottingham’

Hope you enjoy!