1L00 07:10 Gloucester – Stansted Airport

1L00 07:10 Gloucester – Stansted Airport

18th March 2023 3 By Dave Simulation

Drive class 170103 working 1L00 Gloucester to Stansted Airport. You will be driving from Bromsgrove to Birmingham New Street. Calling at University and Birmingham New Street. Whilst the majority of XC services are run between Stansted Airport and Birmingham New Street, with early/late trains tending to drop in/out of service at Cambridge, one unique working to Stansted Airport starts back from Gloucester at 07:10 on weekday mornings.

Decided to make a short scenario while I am making 2 big ones, and also to play a little bit with the new AP Weather EP.

Date: October 2018
Duration: 25 Minutes
Route: DTG Cross City Line
*Read the manual for more detailed information!*

DTG Birmingham Cross City
Thomson Class 170
JT Voyager
VP Class 323 West Midlands area Reskin and Scenario Pack 2.0
VP Class 168 and 170 Airdam with XC and 168111 NHS variants
ATS Class 170 WMR and Ex-LM Liveries
AP Class 168/170/171 EP
AP Weather EP V2 (Should work without it)
ATS Class 323 Sound Pack

Following Requirements are marked as Optional/Recommended:
ATS Class 170 XC Destinations
ATS Class 170 WMR/LM Destinations
DTG Portsmouth Direct Line: Waterloo – Portsmouth
DTG European Community Assets Pack
MJW Class 390 Revamp Pack
AP Class 350 EP
AP Class 43 MTU EP

If there are any bugs or feedback, please leave in the comments! I’d really appreciate it!