1H92 2315 London Victoria – Brighton and Eastbourne

1H92 2315 London Victoria – Brighton and Eastbourne

2nd June 2020 9 By Adam Forsyth

You are driving the 2315 service from London to Brighton. You are calling at Clapham Jn, East Croydon, Gatwick Airport and Haywards Heath where the train will divide. You are to continue with the front 8 carriages to Brighton while the rear 4 carriages head to Eastbourne



DTG London to Brighton route
DTG Chatham Mainline route
DTG Portsmouth Direct route
DTG ECML South route add-on
DTG Southern Class 455/8 EMU
DTG Class 465 EMU add-on

Armstrong Powerhouse;

Class 319 EMU Add-on
Class 313 EMU Add-on
Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
Class 465/466 Enhancement Pack
Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack

**Please ensure you have all requirements for the packs mentioned before attempting to play the scenario**

If there are any issues with these scenarios then please let me know, the scenario has been fully tested. I also welcome constructive feedback on my work