1H80 – Hastings to London Charing Cross Part 1

1H80 – Hastings to London Charing Cross Part 1

20th December 2022 1 By Aaron Bennett

In this scenario, you will be driving the 1st leg of a Connex South Central service from Hastings to London Charing cross, as far as Tonbridge. Starting from the depot, you will need to setup your train and depart for Hastings, after which, you will call at all stations to Tonbridge. The weather is predicted to turn nasty, so you could be dealing with slippery rails. Once you arrive at Tonbridge, another driver will take over from you.

Backdated Train Sim – Class 1066 Line (Hastings Line to Tonbridge Line)
AP Class 411 EMU
AP Class 205 Pack
DTG North Somerset Add-on (Steam)

To install:

Download the zip file and unzip to a temporary folder. (IE: c:\temp)
Run the installer to install the route
Load TS 2022 and go to Drive
Go to Standard Scenarios and select the 1066 Line
My scenario should be listed, so select it and click play.

Happy driving 🙂

Part two will be released once The WIP Southeastern Network: SEML, Mid-Kent Line and Bromley North Branch is released and the next part of the scenario is completed. (I am not sure if I am going to go via Hither Green or via Catford Bridge yet. I haven’t decided.

Big shout out to James Baines who helped me with this scenario. So thank you James 🙂