1O99 08:30 Wolverhampton-Ramsgate (1995)

1O99 08:30 Wolverhampton-Ramsgate (1995)

20th December 2022 1 By Cactus732

Scenario Route: Danny’s North London & Goblin to Faversham, Dover and Ramsgate
Scenario Length: 1hr. 50mins.
Track Covered: Kensington Olympia-Ramsgate via Chatham and Faversham

From 1995 until 1999 Intercity and later Virgin Trains ran summer saturday services between the West Midlands and Ramsgate via the West Coast Mainline, West London Line and Chatham Mainline. These services were booked for 47/8s and Mk2 coaching stock, but 47 availability often saw substitutions with whatever locomotives could be found at the depot on any given day. On the 22nd of July 1995 the failure of the 47s lead to 31467 and 450 deputising on 1O99 from Wolverhampton to Ramsgate. You’ll be joining the train at Kensington Olympia and be in charge for the rest of the journey to Ramsgate.


AHS Class 373
AP Class 31 EP
AP Class 411/412
AP Class 43 Valenta EP
AP Class 455EP Volume 1
AP Class 465EP Volume 1
AP ICA Wagons
AP Mk2D-F Coaches
AP TIA-Y Wagons
AP TTA Wagons
DTG NSE 121 Bubble Car
DTG Class 421
DTG Class 423
DTG Class 92
DTG Virgin 1st Generation Pack + Backdated Trainsim RFD reskin
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