1F05 08:36 London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street

1F05 08:36 London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street

15th August 2019 1 By Cactus732

Scenario Route: WCML Midlands & North West
Scenario Length: 55 Minutes

Having lost the West Coast Franchise, Virgin made a bid for an hourly open access service between London and Liverpool using former LNER Class 91s. Join 1F05, the 08:36 service from Euston at speed south of Stafford with just one intermediate stop at South Parkway between you and Lime Street.


Class 68
Class 86
Class 91
Class 92
Class 390 (Old Version)
Portsmouth Direct Line (New)
South Wales Coastal*

Just Trains

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 68 Enhancement
Class 91 Enhancement
Freightliner Class 90
Class 150/1 Enhancement*
Class 150/2*
Class 158 Perkins Enhancement
Class 319 Volume 1
Class 350 Enhancement
Sky/Weather Enhancement*

WCML London & The Midlands
TFW Class 158
VTEC/LNER Class 91 Pack

Less Co2 Rail Container

Fuller Simulation
Class 185 Desiro*

*Optional Requirements: Static AI, and Weather Enhancements
-All individual requirements for 3rd party enhancements and reskins are also required.