1A82 09:00 Penzance to London Paddington

1A82 09:00 Penzance to London Paddington

15th August 2019 5 By Cactus732

Scenario Route: Western Mainlines + South Devon Mainline & Cornish Mainline
Scenario Length: 5hrs 30 Minutes

Take control of 43093 “Old Oak Common” on the 09:00 GWR service from Penzance to London Paddington, the service is timed at 5hrs, but there is major disruption on the GWML so do your best to make it to Paddington on time.


Riviera Line (For 143)
Medway Valley Line (For 59/2)
Brighton Mainline (For 387)
Great Eastern Mainline (for 360)
Settle to Carlisle (For PCA Wagons)
Fregihtliner Class 57*
Class 59
Class 70
Class 150/1
Class 180

Just Trains
Western Mainlines
South Devon Mainline
Cornish Mainline
Class 153
Class 60

Armstrong Powerhouse
MTU HST Enhancement
Class 150/1 Enhancement
Class 150/2
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
JHA Wagons
Sky/Weather Enhancement*

GWR Class 143
GWR Class 387
GWR Class 166
FGW PB Class 166
GWR Class 57*

BH Reskins
FGW Class 180
Class 60 Reskin Pack
Class 66779 “Evening Star”

Heathrow Express & Connect Class 360 FileID 34469

GWR 43093 “Old Oak Common”
GWR Welshman Power Cars
GWR Sticker Express
Night Riviera Mk3 Coaches*

Major Wales Design
Class 153 revamp pack
First Great Western Blue Class 153
FGW HST Nameplates*

Vulcan Productions
43172 “Harry Patch”

Colas Rail Class 70

Virtual District Line*

*Starred items are optional, either static AI or weather/texture patches that don’t affect the scenario.
-All requirements for individual reskins/enhancement packs are required

This scenario has been tested multiple times, and I have fixed all errors I have come across. If you find something, i’ll do my best to fix it, but it has taken months to find time to properly test this scenario so I cannot guarantee i’ll be able to fix any issues quickly.