1E13 To London Kings Cross

1E13 To London Kings Cross

17th December 2019 2 By Michael Shields

Morning driver just waiting at larbert as you are 15 minutes or so late due to a signal fault earlier. Anyway set the cab up and try and make up as much time as possible enjoy the run.

Remember if there issues with install use the ATS installer


Joe the fish Edinburgh to Glasgow overhead Steam Workshops


Class 800 LNER Azuma ATS
Class 380 Steam
Class 380 Scotrail Vulcan Productions
Class 43 MTU EP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 Scotrail 7 Cities ATS
Class 170 Ep Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 360 Scotrail Saltrie from Suburban Glasgow
UB MK3 FGW https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/ash992478-reskins.html