1B54 15:56 Inverness – Edinburgh Waverley (UPDATED)

1B54 15:56 Inverness – Edinburgh Waverley (UPDATED)

18th October 2020 3 By Henry Primrose

This is a re-release of an existing scenario I’ve made but having found out some problems with the scenario I thought I’d redo the scenario and update it and hope it works perfectly fine, so sorry for anyone thinking this is a new scenario, it’s only got season and weather differences and a few units so a well thought upgrade in my opinion.

Drive 1B54, a ScotRail Class 43 HST from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh Waverley on a dark and dreary afternoon. Your station stops will be Inverkiething (19:03), Edinburgh Gateway (19:13), Haymarket (19:21), and finally Edinburgh Waverley (19:26). it should be all sailing most of the way to Edinburgh Waverley so no adverse signals. Only the rain should bother you here so be carful of wheelslip on the way.

As always any feedback is well appreciated to make my work better so feel free to comment what you think. Thank you!

Requirements: Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 158 Cummins EP
Class 170 EP
Class 320/321/322 Pack
Class 43 MTU EP

ECML South. London – Peterborough
Fife Circle line: with Edinburgh Sub Line (ATS)
Thompson Class 170
Network Southeast 159
DTG Class 390 (Discontinued version)
Kuju Class 43: included with most UK based routes

Class 221 Voyager

ScotRail class 158+170 destination pack
BH Reskins class 390 pack
Class 800 IET LNER Azuma
ScotRail class 43 7 Cities
Class 43 Enhancements for MTU liveries V1.1
Class 320/321/322 ScotRail destinations
Class 380 ScotRail destinations

Vulcan Productions:
Class 158 ScotRail Branding Patch
Abellio ScotRail Class 170 (V6.0)
Abellio ScotRail Class 380

Major Wales Designs:
Class 158 Plawwie Patch
Class 320 LED Headlights Patch

Caledonian Railworks:
Class 170 BTP Reskin