1B23 06:34 Leeds to St Pancras International Part 1

1B23 06:34 Leeds to St Pancras International Part 1

24th April 2021 2 By dcfcfan

1B23 06:34 East Midlands Railway service from Leeds to London St Pancras, for the Midland Mainline routes, from Just Trains.

Save the zip file onto your computer, and extract. In the ‘Utilities’ program of TS2021, open the ‘Package Manager’ and install the rwp file. Alternatively, extract the rwp file, and copy the ‘Content’ folder into your Railworks folder. Once installed, click the ‘Drive Icon’ then ‘Standard Tab’, and scroll down to the appropriate route. A readme file is also included with information and stock requirements.

Briefing: This morning you will be driving one of the last East Midlands Railway HST express services between Sheffield and Nottingham.

Notes: Player and ai timings are based on the current day, and the majority of stops are timetabled. Your maximum permitted speed is 90mph.

DLC Requirements:

Just Trains:
Midland Main Line: Sheffield-Derby
Midland Main Line: Erewash Valley
Midland Main Line: Derby-Nottingham-Leicester Extension
Class 222 Advanced 2019
Voyager Advanced 2019

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (not essential)

Major Wales Design:
Class 43 Revamp Pack V2.6
East Midlands Railway Class 156

Alan Thomson Simulation:
Class 222 Destination Upgrade (Clowes)
Class 158 Ex-EMT (East Midlands Railway) (Clowes)
Ex-LNER (East Midlands Railway) HSTs (V1.1) (Clowes)
VTEC & LNER HST Pack (Clowes)

DP Simulation:
Class 66 Fl v2.0 Container Texture Replace 1 (RF72)

Please also make sure you have all the associated assets for the Armstrong Powerhouse products and Major Wales Class 43 Revamp Pack.

Comments, good or bad, are most welcome.

Whilst I have thoroughly tested this scenario using the 64bit version of TS2021, I will not be held responsible for damage to computers, or software corruption whilst installing and running this scenario.

Please do not upload, or distribute to other sites without my prior permission. Hope you enjoy this scenario!