(AT) 2W19- 09:20 Nunthorpe to Hexham

(AT) 2W19- 09:20 Nunthorpe to Hexham

24th April 2021 2 By adam_t2166

This is a scenario for DPsimulation’s excellent North East England V3 route.
On a nice sunny spring morning, you are in charge of 156463, working 2W19 to Hexham. You will be driving
this service as far as Sunderland, calling at all stations along the way. Year: 2019

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156 DMU Pack
Chris Horsfield’s Class 156 destination patch (Alan Thomson Sim).
DPsimulation: North East England V3 route.

Class 66 EWS V2.0 Loco Addon (Steam)
Class 66 Freightliner V2.0 Loco Addon (Steam)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 66 LED Headlights (Alan Thomson Sim)

European Loco and Assets Pack (bundled with most routes)
Armstrong Powerhouse JPA Wagon Pack

Liverpool-Manchester (Steam)
On-track Simulations- Binliner Wagon Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 175 Enhancement Pack V2.0
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350 OR 450 Enhancement Pack
Fuller Simulations’ Class 185 Desrio Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142 DMU Pack
Major Wales Class 142 Revamp Pack

Class 180 DMU Addon (Steam)
Major Wales Class 180 Revamp Pack

Optional requirements (static trains in sidings)
Armstrong Powerhouse BAA/BZA Wagon Pack

Installation instructions:
Extract the contents of this folder into a temporary location (i.e. desktop)
Copy the ‘Content’ folder and paste into your railworks directory, usually, Steam, Steamapps, Common, Railworks.