1A61 Sunderland to London Kings Cross (May 2021)

1A61 Sunderland to London Kings Cross (May 2021)

23rd May 2021 1 By Tkingy

Thank you for downloading. This scenario is driving a delayed Grand Central 180 between
Sunderland and York trying to claw the timetable back!

The requirements for the scenario are;

● DTG 180, MJW 180 Revamp and Sam T Sound mod
● AP 156
● AP 158 Cummins
● AP class 43 MTU + Ivells sliding doors patch
● AP Class 66
● AP Class 67
● AP Class 68
● AP 91 and BH Reskins LNER 225 pack V1.5
● AP FSA Wagons
● AP Weather EP
● DTG 801 and Kevs LNER reskin
● Simvues TPE 802
● Jake Fullers 185 V2.2
● Just Trains Voyager Advanced
● DTG 92 and DPS Tesco Megafret reskin

Installation of this scenario should be as simple as extracting the ‘Content’ folder into your
‘Railworks’ Directory. (usually found at C:\Program Files

I do not take any responsibility this scenario can cause to your PC as the requirements of the
route are set out by myself the creator above. The contents of this scenario are packaged from
DTG’s Train Simulator itself with no use of other scripts.

If there are any issues with this scenario, please use the comments section on the ATS website