(12 Days of Scenarios 2021) (Day 3) 1Z50 05:50 Salisbury-Barnetby

(12 Days of Scenarios 2021) (Day 3) 1Z50 05:50 Salisbury-Barnetby

15th December 2021 4 By Robbo13

1Z50 05:50 Salisbury-Barnetby

Welcme to day 3 of ‘The 12 days of Scenarios’. Today you are in charge of 1Z50 05:50 Salisbury-Barnetby, otherwise known as the ‘Lincoln Marketeer’. You join the train just outside Cosham and will be driving as far as Addlestone with a few stops on route. Good Luck! Year=2007

How to Install
1. Extarct using 7zip
2. Copy Contents Folder into Railworks folder.
3. Done!

Route: Portsmouth Direct Line (London Waterloo-Portsmouth)

Duration= 100 mins


Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Mk1
BR Mk2 A-C
BR Mk2 D-F
Class 31 EP
Class 37 vol. 1 & 2*
Class 50
Class 66 EP*
Class 67 EP*
Class 158/C EP
Class 377 EP
Class 444-450 EP
Class 455 vol 1 & 2
JNA Wagons*
Weather EP

Backdated Trainsim
Great Briton Coaches reskin

Cynx Workshop
Class 37 WIPAC pack*

Class 66 (EWS)
Class 67 pack
MJA Wagons (Comes with class 70)
Portsmouth Direct Line (London Waterloo-Portsmouth)
European Loco and Asset Pack (Most will already have this if you have been playing TS for a while)

JNA ‘Mendip Rail’ reskin

Just Trains
Common Library (Anything after Newcastle-Edinburgh should be fine).

Vulcan Productions
Class 31 31190 reskin
Virgin Trains MK2 Branding Patch
VP Class 73 pack

Those marked with * mean that the scenario can still be run if you do not have these.

If you have any issues or there is anything missing please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue. Other than that I hope you enjoy this scenario!