0C11 18:11 Pengam Sidings to Bristol Kingsland Road FHH (2008)

0C11 18:11 Pengam Sidings to Bristol Kingsland Road FHH (2008)

13th March 2022 6 By Matthias

Drive Network Rail Test Train 0C11 back to Bristol Kingsland Road FHH from Pengam Sidings on an evening in June 2008.
The scenario is based on the Working Timetable (2008) and Freightmaster (2007) with some little changes due to gameplay reasons. I recommend you to play in 64bit-mode only due to the amount of ai-trains.

Route: South Wales Mainline (unbranded)
Track covered: Pengam Sidings to Bristol Kingsland Road FHH
Duration: 65 min
Month/Year: 06/2008
Start Time: 18:11
Difficulty: easy
Player train: Class 31 APEP
Additional information: You will need to pull into Bristol Temple Meads and reverse into Kingsland Road FHH using the DBSO. You may switch the reverser and AWS by mouse. Please remember that your speed limit is 60 mph.


• South Wales Mainline (unbranded)
• Class 37 Vol. 2* (+extra stock pack)
• Class 31 EP
• Class 43 (MTU) EP
• Class 66 EP
• Class 150/2
• Class 158 (Cummins) EP
• Class 158 (Perkins) EP
• Class 168/170/171 EP
• BAA/BZA Wagon Pack*
• JHA Wagon Pack
• JNA-C Wagon Pack*
• JXA/POA Wagon Pack
• MK2A-C Coach Pack
• MK2D-F Coach Pack
• MK2F DBSO Coach Pack
• TDA-D Wagon Pack
• AP Weather & Sky EP*
• AP Track EP*
+all essential requirements
• Class 60 Advanced
• Voyager Advanced
• BR Class 31 Freight
• Freightliner Class 57/0*
• Riviera Line
• Driveable DBSO Patch V2.0
• Class 43 Revamp Pack
• Class 143 Revamp Pack