USB Door Panel troubleshooting guide

21st February 2021 Off By TS Controllers

The Door open/close and bell buttons do not do anything in Train simulator

There are several troubleshooting steps:

-Ensure you are running the provided door panel software.

-Ensure The Door panel shows as ‘Connected’ with a green light inside the Door panel software.

-If your Train Simulator is running as administrator, ensure the door software is also running as administrator.

-Ensure caps lock is turned off.

-Ensure Train Simulator is the active Window when using the Door panel.

The software does not open when clicking the desktop icon

The software maybe crashing for some reason, please contact support for further guidance.

Error message is shown when opening the software saying ‘Railworks folder not found’

This means the Door Panel software has not been able to locate your RailWorks (Train Simulator) folder.
To fix this, go into the Debug tab of the Door panel software, and enter your Railworks path.

It usually looks similar to this:     D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\RailWorks

Press save to apply, and restart the Door panel software to ensure it now works correctly, and more error messages appear.

The controls do not seem to work on a certain train/loco

Firstly, see the compatibility guide here.
Or if you are still experiencing issues, please contact support.