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This pack has been researched using archive Working Timetables, rolling stock allocation
and livery records, photographic records, and other source materials. What you
see is hopefully a realistic representation of the varied traffic to be seen on
this scenic section of the West Coast Main Line between 1992 and 1998.

Covering the last years of British Rail, and into the early days of privatisation,
express passenger services to and from London are mostly in the hands of class
87 and 90 locomotives with push-pull rakes and mark 3 DVTs. Alongside these can
be seen various Cross Country services worked by a mixture of class 86
locomotives and mark 2 coaches, High Speed Trains, and class 158 DMUs.

Regional services, usually in the hands of class 156s, operate along the southern end of
the route from Manchester Airport to both Barrow-in-Furness (diverging at
Carnforth), and Windermere (branching off at Oxenholme). The branches to
Morecambe and Heysham head west just north of Lancaster, while Cumbrian Coast
services can be seen both between Lancaster and Carnforth, and on arrival at
Carlisle. The latter station also sees services converge from Newcastle via
Hexham, Leeds via Settle, and Glasgow / Ayr via Dumfries, as well as the West
Coast Main Line continuing to Glasgow or Edinburgh via Carstairs.

Freight services are equally varied. The division of British Rail into sectors prior to
privatisation created a strange situation on this electrified route.
Railfreight Distribution, which included Freightliner services, was the only
division to have electric locomotives. Traffic from other divisions such as
petroleum and metals which would once have been hauled by electric locos, was
now hauled over the WCML by those sector’s own diesel locos.



There are 8 scenarios, packed full of A.I. traffic and designed to represent some of
the situations encountered by real-life drivers.

Key features include:

* Drive classes 37/0, 37/5, 43 (HST), 86, 87, 90, and 156

* A mixture of fast and stopping passenger services, empty stock, and freight

* Variations in weather.

* Challenging driving conditions.

* Night time runs showcasing the 24 hour nature of this busy route.

* Locomotive disposal.

* Temporary speed restrictions.

* Accurate A.I. traffic reflecting the appropriate timetable, with realistic
stock allocations and liveries.

* Mark 3 SLE/SLEP reskins in Intercity Swallow livery included courtesy of James
Ivell and the Alan Thomson Simulation team.




1H66 08.46 Barrow-in-Furness to Manchester Airport

Traction: 156429

Duration: 35 minutes

Route covered: Carnforth – Preston

On a Friday morning in April, you have just arrived in Carnforth driving
a North Western Trains service from Barrow. You are waiting to follow the 06.27
Virgin Trains service from Edinburgh. Formed of a class 158 unit, that train is
booked to attach to yours at Preston in order to share a path through the
congested platform 13 at Manchester Piccadilly. Once underway you will call at
Lancaster, then Preston where you will make the attachment and be relieved. Year:


1M32 14.22 Edinburgh to Liverpool Lime Street

Traction: 86431

Duration: 85 minutes

Route covered: Carlisle – Preston

On an August Saturday afternoon, take over this cross country working at
Carlisle and drive to Preston. Once underway you will call at Penrith,
Oxenholme, Lancaster, and Preston. On arrival at Preston you will detach the
loco and berth it for its next working, and a diesel will take this train
forward over the non-electrified route to Liverpool. Edge Hill depot were
struggling for rolling stock last night. This is an out-and-back working from
the depot, so the logical one to rob mark 2 air-conditioned coaches from. They
were then able to lash together a rake of spare vehicles, including mark 1
coaches from the charter pool, to form up this service. Your maximum speed is
100mph. Year: 1992.


1M80 08.28 Glasgow Central to Carlisle

Traction: 156510

Duration: 40 minutes

Route covered: Dumfries – Carlisle

On an August Tuesday morning drive the final
leg of this service that runs via the Glasgow & South Western route,
between Dumfries and Carlisle. You will be calling at Annan, and Carlisle.
There is a 20mph temporary speed restriction in force around two miles before
Gretna Junction. Year: 1992.


1S19 21.00 Plymouth to Glasgow Central and Edinburgh

Traction: 90021

Duration: 90 minutes

Route covered: Preston – Gretna Junction

Drive the only remaining cross-country sleeper service forward from Preston, with 18 coaches in tow. It’s close to the
longest day of the year, so you should get to see sunrise over the Cumbrian
hills. Having started out from Plymouth, further vehicles were attached at
Bristol. Then at Birmingham New Street, a short portion from Poole was added.
This train used to divide at Carnforth, with a portion going to Edinburgh.
However now, the whole train runs to Edinburgh, then the rear portion is
detached and reverses to head for Glasgow. You have no booked stops until
Edinburgh. Maximum speed is 80mph to ensure a smooth ride.

This scenario has an option to use the
Intercity Swallow reskin of the Mark 3 Sleeper of the EWS Class 67 pack from
Steam, from the Armstrong Powerhouse class 50 pack.

From the v2.0 update,
it is also possible to drive either version with a class 87 loco.


1S39 11.20 Bournemouth to Edinburgh

Traction: 43080 + 43089

Duration: 85 minutes

Route covered: Preston – Carlisle

Relieve a northbound Cross Country HST
working at Preston and drive through to Carlisle. This service calls at all
stations to Carlisle where you will be relieved. The past few days have been
humid and it looks as if we may have a storm ahead on this Monday afternoon.
Maximum speed is 110mph. There is a 40mph temporary speed restriction in place
just north of Plumpton. Year: 1997.


5M85 05+50 Glasgow Central to Crewe South Yard, empty non passenger-carrying
coaching stock.

Traction: 86243

Duration: 90 minutes

Route covered: Carlisle – Preston

On a fine June morning, take a rake of empty
parcels van south over Shap. This working is booked to stand in Carlisle for 21
minutes, allowing any ad-hoc attaching and detaching of vans. One van has been
removed from the rear of the train and the station pilot will stable it for its
next working. Once underway you are booked to run non-stop to Preston where you
will be relieved. You are booked to follow the Coatbridge to Southampton
Freightliner service all the way. Your maximum speed is 100mph.


6L80 14.45 Deanside to Wisbech

Traction: 37510 + 37073

Duration: 100 minutes

Route covered: Carlisle to Preston

On a fine Summer evening, take this regular flow of canned pet food
southbound over the WCML. You are scheduled to follow the 17.10 Edinburgh to
Birmingham train from Carlisle but should have a good run. Although booked for
a class 56, a spate of failures has prompted Transrail to utilise pairs of
Motherwell-based class 37s on this lucrative traffic. Maximum speed is 60mph.
You are in NRN area 088 for the whole of this run.


6S60 17.17 Llanwern to Mossend

Traction: 37004 + 37037

Duration: 120 minutes

Route covered: Carnforth
to Carlisle

After being recessed at Carnforth for some
faster overnight traffic, you will be driving this loaded steel train over the
hills and on to Carlisle where you will be relieved. Once underway you are
booked to be looped again at Penrith for the Plymouth to Glasgow sleeper, and
the Peterborough to Carlisle postal. This train is booked to be hauled
throughout by this pair of Canton-based class 37/0s. These locos will have
worked down on 6V77 2320 from Mossend overnight last night. You will pass
tonight’s 6V77 along the way. Your maximum speed is 60mph.

This scenario has an option to use the
Intercity Swallow reskin of the Mark 3 Sleeper of the EWS Class 67 pack from
Steam, from the Armstrong Powerhouse class 50 pack.




In order to enjoy these scenarios, you will require the following add-ons:


  • West Coast Main Line over Shap
  • West Coast Main Line North
  • European Loco and Asset Pack
  • EWS and Freightliner Class 08
  • BR General Class 08 add-on livery
  • BR Blue Diesel-Electric Pack add-on
  • BR Railfreight OTA wagons
  • Freightliner Class 57 loco add-on $
  • Class 67 EWS loco add-on (only required for the option to utilise the Intercity Swallow Sleeper
    reskin from the AP Class 50)
  • TS Marketplace BDA 80t Bogie Bolster wagon pack
  • TS Marketplace RNA Barrier Wagons
  • TS Marketplace YLA ‘Mullet’ wagon pack
  • TS Marketplace YQA ‘Parr’ wagon pack



  • Class 31 Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 1
  • Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 2
  • Class 43/MK3 (Valenta) Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 50 Locomotive Pack (only required for the option to utilise the Intercity Swallow Sleeper
    reskin from the AP Class 50)
  • Class 56 Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 86 Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 87 Locomotive Pack
  • Class 90 / Mark 3 DVT Pack
  • Class 142 DMU Pack
  • Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 150/2 DMU Pack
  • Class 156 DMU Pack
  • Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack #
  • Mark 1 Coach Pack Volume 1
  • Mark 2A – 2C Coach Pack
  • Mark 2D – 2F Coach Pack
  • Mark 3A/3B Coach Pack
  • BAA/BZA Wagon Pack
  • FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
  • HAA (MGR) Wagon Pack
  • TDA Wagon Pack
  • Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
  • Wherry Lines route $



  • Class 20 Advanced (for FNA nuclear flask wagon)
  • Class 60 Advanced
  • Class 153 Advanced
  • Cargowaggon IWB PlusPak
  • Cargowaggon Flat IGA PlusPak
  • VGA / VKA Wagon PlusPak
  • YGB Seacow PlusPak Advanced
  • Common Library (Included with any Just Trains route released after Newcastle to Edinburgh).



  • Virgin Trains West Coast Loco Hauled Pack by Bodge-It TMD (file ref. 965803).
  • Caledonian Sleeper Mark 3A Sleeper Pack by James Ivell – Only required if using the Intercity
    Swallow SLE / SLEP reskins included with this scenario pack. #



#        Note that these products have their own individual requirements.

$        Included for assets that are used to recreate speed restrictions.



18/02/21 – Version
1.1 update:

1S19 scenario (both versions) amended with rolling start removed. File
structure in download corrected.

03/08/2022 –
Version 2.0 update:

Requirements amended;
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 87 loco and Mark 3A/3B coach packs added to
requirements. Included class 87 reskin no longer required and removed from



Huge thanks to the
whole ATS team for their help and for hosting on,
and for allowing the inclusion of TSR/ESR assets to complement this scenario
pack. Thanks also for allowing the inclusion of a class 87 reskin in earlier
versions of the pack, prior to the release of the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 87.

Massive thanks also to James Ivell and the ATS team for allowing
inclusion of the Intercity Swallow SLE/SLEP reskins.

Thank you to all the developers whose creations have made these
scenarios possible.

We do hope that you enjoy these scenarios as much as we enjoy making


Matt Carroll and Josh Thorpe,

WTT Scenarios

0 out of 5