WCML West Coast Mainline Missing Link Pack 1 (2006 – 2011)


Pack containing ten highly immersive and detailed scenarios for the WCML Midlands & Northwest (aka Missing Link) route set between 2006 and 2011, with duties including passenger and freight.

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Set between 2006 and 2011, this is a scenario pack for the WCML Missing Link route by ATS between Colwich in the south and Liverpool / Preston in the north.

Contained are ten highly detailed and immersive scenarios that allow for approximately ten hours of drivetime.

The scenarios in the pack are below:

1H26 1614 Euston to Manchester Picc

Due to the line through Stockport being closed, Virgin Trains’ services are being diverted via Crewe and Styal, with some trains running via Stoke. You join one train at Colwich to drive to Crewe via Stoke-on-Trent. Year: 2007.

1M16 2040 Inverness to Euston

Drive the southbound Highland sleeper service from Preston to Crewe. You will have a Class 90 for power. Year: 2006.

1S10 1104 Warrington RMT to Shieldmuir RMT

Due to the poor reliability of the Class 325s during poor weather, a Class 67 is being used to haul 1S10 to Shieldmuir. You’ll be driving the first leg to Preston. Year: 2011.

1V84 1256 Manchester Oxford Road to Carmarthen

Due to engineering work near Cheadle Hulme, Arriva Trains Wales’ trains from Manchester to South Wales are being diverted via Chat Moss to resume their normal route at Crewe. You take over a southbound service at Winwick Jn to drive as far as Crewe. Year: 2006.

1Z92 0545 Manchester Picc to Liverpool

Network Rail’s ‘New Measurement Train’ is performing track recording on the National Network from Manchester to Liverpool via Carlisle. You’ll be finishing it’s journey heading southbound from Preston to Liverpool, reversing at Crewe. Year: 2006.

2N66 1630 Liverpool to Preston

On a foggy autumnal evening, you’ve joined an ex-Merseyrail Class 142 at Springs Branch Jn to drive to Preston. Once there, you’ll be driving the return service to Liverpool as far as Wigan North Western. Year: 2006.

4L60 1953 Garston FLT to Felixstowe North FLT

Start off by running your pair of Class 86 locomotives light engine to Garston FLT before marshalling your train together, and then driving service 4L60 to Stafford. Year: 2007.

5K72 1845 Preston to Crewe CS

When the Class 350s were introduced, they ran a daily service to Preston. This evening, you’ll be driving the southbound empty stock move to Crewe Carriage Sidings. Year: 2007.

6F31 1254 Marcroft Engineering to Arpley Yard

This afternoon, you’ll be transporting newly repaired wagons from Marcroft Engineering, near Stoke, to Arpley Yard. Your traction is a Class 67. Year: 2010.

6J05 0538 Crewe Basford Hall to Ashton-in-Makerfield

You’re up very early to drive a short loaded stone train from Crewe to Ashton-in-Makerfield, running-around the train at Springs Branch Jn. Your power is a Class 66. Year: 2011.

For the scenarios to work, all items below are required:

Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):

– Class 185;

– MPV;

– Caledonian Sleeper Mk3A Sleeper Pack;

– Settle Carlisle HTA Hopper Repaints;

– WCML Missing Link Phase 4.

Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):

– Signal EP;

– Weather EP V2;

– Class 37 Vol 1;

– Class 43 Valenta EP;

– Class 66 EP;

– Class 67 EP;

– Class 87;

– Class 90 (+ Mk3 DVT);

– Class 92 SP [discontinued];

– Class 150/1 EP;

– Class 150/2;

– Class 158 Cummins EP;

– Class 158 Perkins EP;

– Class 170 EP;

– Class 175 EP V2.0;

– Class 325 EP;

– Class 350 EP;

– Mk1 coaches Vol 1;

– Mk2 D-F coaches;

– BAA/BZA wagons;

– FSA/FTA containers;

– HIA hoppers;

– HHA hoppers;

– HKA/JMA hoppers;

– JNA-C wagons;

– MEA/PNA-F wagons;

– MFA/MHA/MTA wagons;

– MGR wagons;

– TTA tanks Vol 1.


– Class 20 Advanced Collection;

– Class 67 Advanced;

– Voyager Advanced;

– IGA wagons;

– IWB cargowagons;

– JJA Autoballasters;

– VGA wagons.

Major Wales Design (and their dependencies):

– Class 390 Revamp.


– Class 08 EWS/Freightliner;

– Class 57;

– Class 70;

– YLA Mullet wagons;

– ZCA Sea Urchins (for TSR boards);

– Welsh Marches.


Alan Thomson Sim – Beta Testing & Hosting

Richard Fletcher – EWS HTA reskin

James Ivell – Mk3 Sleeper Pack reskin

I hope you enjoy the pack!