Fife Circle Scenario Pack

Fife Circle Scenario Pack

18th August 2020 0 By Gareth Davies

We are pleased to announce the release of the Fife Circle Scenario Pack from POOLECJ. His scenarios are always very immersive and always loaded with announcements and little simulation features. This scenario pack is sub only, however it is very much worth it!.

“This scenario pack is a collection of 12 scenarios for the Fife Circle route, set in the 2004/2005 era. The included scenarios will see you drive a variety of DMU stock, as well as a couple of freight services which no longer run today. Please read below for the full details.


However, to really make use of the scenario pack you will need to have a large list of DLC.:

• AP Class 37 Volume 1 Pack

• AP Class 43 Valenta Enhancement Pack

• AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack

• AP Class 90 Pack

• AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack

• AP Class 150/2 DMU Pack

• AP Class 156 DMU Pack

• AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack

• AP Class 170 Enhancement Pack

• AP Mk2 D-F Pack

• AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

• Just Trains Voyager Advanced

• ATS HST/Mk3 Improvement Patch

• ATS Class 91/Mk4 Improvement Patch

• ATS Mk3 Caledonian Sleeper Pack

The scenario pack also contains the following services:

• 1A45 – 07:30 Edinburgh Waverley to Dyce

• 1B47 – 18:55 Dyce to Edinburgh Waverley

• 1E24 – 14:55 Aberdeen to London Kings Cross

• 1S03 – 07:10 Leeds to Aberdeen

• 2G11 – 06:04 Newcraighall to Edinburgh Waverley

• 2G27 – 20:27 Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh Waverley

• 2G57 – 13:23 Cowdenbeath to Newcraighall

• 2G75 – 14:37 Newcraighall to Edinburgh Waverley

• 2K11 – 11:39 Edinburgh Waverley to Newcraighall

• 2K27 – 19:09 Edinburgh Waverley to Kirkcaldy

• 6D71 – 12:22 Linkswood to Mossend• 6E59 – 06:25 Aberdeen Waterloo to Doncaster

We really hope you go give the author some love as this is a truly incredible scenario pack!. If you do not decide to play this scenario. His other free scenarios are also top notch.