Fife Circle Scenario Pack (March 2020)

Fife Circle Scenario Pack (March 2020)

27th March 2020 3 By Adam Forsyth

Now we are all in isolation, I am pleased to present you with my Fife Circle Scenario pack. This scenario pack is based in 2020 after ScotRail released their unit allocations to the public. I am pleased to say that all ScotRail and Caledonian Sleeper services in this pack are using real life allocations.

I present 11 scenarios using the Class 170 Turbostar, the Class 158 Express Sprinter or even a combonation of them both. There is also a scenario that uses the Class 68 Loco Hauled set. The scenarios are based on the current working timetable with the expection of 1 which is based on the current pendemic timetable which is in use as I write this.

Please consult the ‘Read Me’ doccument before installing as it has a brief discription of all the scenarios and requirements you require to use this pack however apon uploading, I realised I has accidently left out a few requirements and they are as follows:

Steam Class 92 Pack
Alan Thomson Sim Caledonian Sleeper Mk3 coaches
Alan Thomson Sim Caledonian Sleeper Class 92 Reskin
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2e Pack
Vulcan Productions FGW off lease Mk3s by Ash Clark
DTG Class 390 newer version (now discontinued, I’d don’t own don’t worry as it is just 1 piece of AI in 1 of the scenarios)
ATS Class 390 livery pack (same applies to this)

If there are any problems then please feel free to contact me either through this platform or via email, I also welcome constructive feedback

Have fun, this should keep you busy during the COVID-19 period and please remember to stay at home unless your journey is completly essential