FAQ and general issues

Browser –
The site is designed to be used in Firefox or Chrome. Issues have been reported from other browsers especially Internet Explorer. No support is offered for other browsers.

Download managers –
Add on download managers are not supported by the site. Please disable these before downloading files.

VPNs and Incognito mode –
Although these should not cause any issues with your account or using the site some people have reported issues. We are not offering support for these issues. Please browse the site ‘normally’ and not via a VPN or ‘incognito’.

Mobile devices –
The site will work on a mobile and allow the downloading of files. However, please note that being logged in on several devices can cause the site to prevent further login attempts. Log out of the site on other devices and always at the end of your session.

Downloads not completing –
This can be caused by several factors above but at the moment some people are still experiencing some issues. We are working on a long term fix but at the moment it is not complete. Trying the files from a different computer or from a mobile device sometimes works. Often the problem is caused by many people being connected to the files and downloading them at a less busy time can help.

ATS Installer log in problems –
If you have signed up to the site using Google or Facebook please follow these steps
If this still does not solve the problem please make sure you are using the correct email or username. Please note that usernames are case sensitive. You MUST have an ACTIVE subscription to the site to use the installer.

Subscriptions and auto-renew –
By default subscriptions DO NOT auto-renew. The cancel button WILL cancel the subscription and prevent certain features from working such as the ATS install tool.