(WM) 2N73 16:31 London Euston – Northampton

(WM) 2N73 16:31 London Euston – Northampton

18th October 2020 2 By Whitemead

Sooo lets get this out the way…. people have been asking why i have not released any scenarios for sometime…. This is due to faulty parts in my gaming rig (Need a new one basically :D) But in the meantime i have messed around with a bunch of settings & can now play TS quite happily “Famous last words ik”

Currently incharge of a pair of 319s on a peak time service to Northampton. Non stop up until Tring from Tring you will be calling at all stops. Due to earlier problems in the Nuneaton area a fair few services heading for Euston are delayed. Good news for you most northbound services are ontime so expect a easy run. The run maybe easy but the traffic is heavy (70 Ai – Just above 60 you will see moving) if have all the requirements.

Steam DLC: Class 378 (X) — EWS Class 92 (X) — Class 390 EMU (Not the Virgin 390)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 66 EP
Class 350 EP
Class 67 EP (X)
Class 319 Vol 1
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Class 43 (MTU) EP (X)
JXA/POA Wagon Pack (X)
HKA/JMA Wagon Pack (X)

Just Trains: Voyager Advanced (X) — Cargowaggon IWB (X) — Cargowaggon Flat IGA (X)

Reskins: Requirements listed (X) are non-essential but are recommended
66587 ‘As One We Can (X) VP
Class 92 Sound Pack (X) used a DB skin. AP
Class 66 Fl v2.0 Container Texture Replace 1 & 2 (X) DPS – rf72.
Unbranded Class 390
Rail Riders 66175 (X)
Class 66: LED Headlights (X)
Class 47: Caledonian Sleeper (X)
Class 319: LM / LNWR Livery Pack
Class 350: (AP) LNWR (Base Grey) (X)
Bodge it: Freightliner Class 66 Pack (X)
Class 390: Avanti West Coast (Half livery)
Rail Operations Group Class 47813/815 (X)
Class 378: London Overground Aventra Livery (X)
^^^^ All reskins above are from AlanThomsonSim ^^^^

Other: UK Wagons #1 UKTS Freeware Packs

NOTES: High Memory Scenario Requirements which have NOT got a (X) are Needed!
Requirements listed (X) are non-essential but are recommended
Wolverton Works / Northampton is empty this is due to scenario kept crashing on load up due to memory

Portals: Due to the amount of ai in this scenario the FPS starts of low but still playable & memory is quite high at the start of the scenario. So trains go into portals earlier than normal. But not too early