(WM) 2E71 06:57 Manchester Vic – Huddersfield (2007)

(WM) 2E71 06:57 Manchester Vic – Huddersfield (2007)

31st January 2021 0 By Whitemead

You’re incharge of class 156423 for the next 40 minutes across the pennines. Calling at all stops until Greenfield (Non Stop: From Greenfield). No delays have been reported & the traffic this morning is light.

Route: Manchester Stations to Huddersfield

Steam: BR Class 40145 Loco (X)

Armstrong Powerhouse: Requirements listed (X) are non-essential
Class 170 EP (X)
Class 156 DMUP
Class 142 DMUP (X)
Class 150 DMUP (X)
Coaches: Mk1 Vol 1 (X) & Mk2A-C (X)

Class 142 Revamp Major Wales Designs (X)
Class 185 Pack Fuller Simulations (X) NOTE: Uses the older version

I have another scenario on this route which is available on this site
–> (WM) [2M59] 07:43 Huddersfield – Manchester Victoria (2006) <– My most popular scenario on ATS

Requirements listed (X) are non-essential Requirements which have NOT got a (X) are Needed!