(WM) 1L55 11:29 Swansea – Paddington DIVERTED (2017)

(WM) 1L55 11:29 Swansea – Paddington DIVERTED (2017)

13th January 2021 3 By Whitemead

My first scenario for 2021 & It’s a lonnnnnnng one

You’re incharge of a HST for the next 115 minutes… (First Class is at the Swansea end)
It’s quite a interesting trip! On (02/09/17) Improvement / engineering works were taking place Between Cardiff Central – Newport (Fast Lines) & Bristol Parkway is Closed. Because of this you will be running on the Relief lines Between Cardiff / Newport & all Paddington services are Diverted Via (Dr Days Loop) Avoiding Bristol TM. On this date there was also railtours running. The run maybe 115 minutes but you have all this to look forward to… TSR’s, Trackwork’s, Signal Failures, XC Diverts, Busy traffic including freight / railtours. Due to a earlier signal failure in the Bridgend area expect a few red signals while following other services. A late arrival into Cardiff Central is likely….Your calling points for this service are the usual with a added stop “Patchway” Due to BP is closed. Well what are you waiting for ? better get cracking (2 hr drive!)

Steam Store:
South Wales Coastal & WCML Trent Valley
Class 70 Loco Add-On (X) The Riviera Line (X)
BDA 80t Bogie Bolster — YQA Parr — YLA Mullet (Marketplace) THIS LINE = (X)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 150 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 2 (X)
Class 142 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack (X)

Wagons: BAA/BZA — FSA/FTA —- JNA — (ALL = X)
Coaches: Mk1 Vol 1 — “Mk2A-C” — “Mk2D-F” — (ALL = X)

EP: Class 43 MTU – Class 66 – Class 150/1- Class 158 (Cummins) ALL NEEDED!
EP: Class 67 (X) – Class 68 (X) – Class 158 Perkins – Class 170 – (THIS LINE ALL = X)

Just Trains: Class 153 DMU “NEEDED!”
Class 60 Advanced — Voyager Advanced (BOTH = X)

Class 60 Pack (X) BHReskins FB Page
Class 66718 GBRF (X) VulcanProductions
Northern Belle Pullman Coaches (X) Backdatedtrainsim
Class 66: LED Headlights – Freightliner Pack (X) “Bodge It” ATS
Class 70: Colas Rail (X) — Container Texture Patch (X) DPS: RF72
Class 153: Plain White & GWR — Class 800/2 GWR (ALL = X) Superalbs
Major Wales Revamp: Class 142 (X) ,143 (X), 153 (X), ->Class 43 Revamp is Needed! <-

Requirements which have NOT got a (X) are Needed!
Requirements listed (X) are non-essential but are recommended

This is for SWC “Unbranded Version” Which to me seems unstable compare to the branded SWC

Sadly was unable to add any stock in the big yards / depots due to constant OOM dumps.
Spent quite a few hours trying to get this scenario to reload without dumping :/
Finally managed to load! Which meant removing the static stock (It was that or binning this completed scenario!)