(WJ) 2L63 09:44 Leicester to Grimsby Town

(WJ) 2L63 09:44 Leicester to Grimsby Town

18th June 2022 0 By WelshyJim

This scenario is for the fantastic Just Trains Midland Mainline route, covering the section from Leicester to Lincoln Central. Nearly all train times and numbers are taken from the workings as recorded on RTT for the date 15/06/2022.

In this scenario you will driving 2L63 the 09:44 departure from Leicester to Grimsby Town to Lincoln Central where another driver will take over.

Requirements for this scenario are:
Armstrong Powerhouse:
AP 156 Pack
AP 170 EP
AP 158 Cummins EP
AP MK1 Coach Pack
AP 56 EP
AP Class 37
AP Class 800 EP
AP Weather

Just Trains:
Midland Mainline Route

DTG Class 91
DTG Class 47

Semaphore Sim:
EMR Reskin Pack

EMR Class 170 Reskin
ATS Europhoenix Class 91 Reskin

Major Wales:
East Midlands Railway 156 Reskin

Thank you for downloading my scenario and I hope you enjoy it.