Welcome To Glasgow Scenario Pack

Welcome To Glasgow Scenario Pack

23rd May 2022 1 By Get-Geeky

A little collection of scenario’s both new and old brought into one pack and all about runs
to and around the beautiful city of Glasgow’s railways. The pack includes 5 brand new
scenario’s and two previously released ones.

Full requirements are in the included readme file.

Routes used are:

Suburban Glasgow
Suburban Glasgow Merged
Glasgow Subway
Network ScotEast

To install, simply unzip the pack contents using 7zip or similar archive program and then
copy the Content folder into your Railworks directory. Each scenario is prefixed with [GG] in the TS standard scenario menu.

As always, please let me know if there’s any issues or anything that you liked about the scenarios.

Above all, have fun!
Stevie (Get-Geeky)