WBB Minerals PAAs

WBB Minerals PAAs

25th March 2023 0 By Clowes

Short and sweet: a reskin of the PAA wagon into WBB Minerals for use on the ECML, ATS Cambridge – Peterborough and ATS King’s Cross – King’s Lynn. Can be used in subware/payware too. Been done for ATS for about 2 years, just accidentally not released.
The PAA wagons were used on the Middleton Towers sand trains, before IIA(F)s were procured.

What’s Included?
Weathered 1 and 2 variants
Loaded and unloaded variants (for physics not visuals)

Digital Traction | British Rail Wagon Pack (1960s-2000)
Armstrong Powerhouse | Wagon (4 Wheel) Sound Pack

A manual is included with the full pack details and instructions you need, please read it carefully!

BodgeItTMD – Manual format and batch format