[Train Simulator 2021][TASH][Class 319 Connex SC]Gatwick Airport to Rugby 1999 – WCML South

[Train Simulator 2021][TASH][Class 319 Connex SC]Gatwick Airport to Rugby 1999 – WCML South

8th April 2021 0 By BritishRail60062

A scenario for the WCML South Route set in the Summer of 1999 where you will drive a Class 319/0 from Willesden Junction to Rugby with stops at Wembley Central, Harrow & Wealsden, Bushey, Watford Junction, Milton Keynes on the way. There is a lot of AI trains in this scenario although they should not be a bother to your service but you may have to wait for the road just outside Rugby if you are early. Please note that the timings are set for DOO (Driver Only Operations) if you use Guard Mode (Ctrl+R), please allow another 15 seconds at each stop otherwise you may bump into non-moving AI due to being too early! This is a manual installation, just drag and drop the “Content” folder into the “Railworks” root directory and the files should install correctly.

Here is what you will need to make this scenario useable.

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 90 & Mk3 DVT Pack
Class 319 Pack 2
Class 321 Pack
Class 313 Pack
Class 37 Pack 1
Class 43 HST Enhancement Pack Valenta
Class 56 Enhancement Pack
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
Mk2 Coach Pack
BDA/BZA Steel Carriers
FSA Wagon Pack
TDA Tankers

WCML North (for the Class 86 and stock)
WCML Over Shap (for the Class 87 and stock)
Class 150/1 DMU*
Class 60 Locomotive Pack
Class 56 Sectors*
Class 92 Locomotive Pack
European Loco & Assets Pack*.
*These are used as the base packs for the AP Enhancement Packs

Just Trains
IWB Cargowaggons

Other compulsory add-ons required are:
Overhauled HST’s – Major Wales MJW

Alan Thomson Sim
Virgin Trains Mk3 and DVT Pack

Scenario Type: Standard
Type: Passenger
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: About 80 Minutes.

You are welcome to swap trains about in the scenario editor if you wanted to use better trains that you may own already or don’t have the required DLC but I am not responsible for any errors if you do this.

Please post any bugs or issues although I have tested this scenario many times and it works fine on my system although it may not work on yours. Use this scenario at your own risk.

Feedback and suggestions are most welcome and please enjoy the scenario.

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