Train 200 to Edgeware Road (Circle)

Train 200 to Edgeware Road (Circle)

17th November 2021 13 By josh g lake

This is a scenario for the Amazing VDL Phase 3:
Drivers an All Stopping Circle line service to Edgware Road from Aldgate in an S Stock Train.

This scenario does encounter red signals along the route so be prepared/

• The Virtual District Line Phase 3 by Backdated Trainsim:

• Just Trains S7+1 Advance:

• Circle Line S7 Destination:

• Hammersmith & Cilty Line S7 Destinations:

• District Line S7 Destinations :

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Update Log:
20/11/2021: Fix issue were signal show green aspect while train is on the crossing.
Updated File Structure to add missing files

Many Thanks