The Snowdonian

The Snowdonian

2nd June 2021 5 By stephen bell

On ths 12th of July 2008, Pathfinders Tours organised a railtour from Preston to Pwllheli.The loco booked for the tour was 55022 Royal Scots Grey.In this 2 part scenario you will be driving 55022 from Pwllheli to Shrewsbury.

You will need the following:

NSE Class 159
European Loco & Asset Pack
BR Blue Pack 1
Corris Railway
South Wales Mainline (unbranded version)
Corris Railway Expansion Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse
MK1 Coach Pack
MK2A-C Coach Pack
Class 158(Perkins) Enhancement Pack
Class 175 Enhancement Pack V2

Vulcan Productions
Preserved Deltic Pack

Alan Thomson Sim
Cambrian Route from Shrewsbury to Pwllheli and Aberystwyth

Backdated Train Sim
Armstrong Powerhouse Riviera Trains Pride Of The Nation Mk1 Pack

Ffestiniog & WHR
Talyllyn Railway
The Ffestiniog Heritage Mixed Freight Pack

British Locomotive Studios
Riviera Trains coach collection reskin pack