The Severn Valley Enterprise – 34027

The Severn Valley Enterprise – 34027

9th November 2020 1 By stephen bell

On the 7 October 2020, Saphos Trains ran there resheduled ‘Severn Valley Enterprise’ charter from Crewe to Brignorth on the Severn Valley Railway.34046 Braunton hauled the train from Crewe to Kidderminster, where resident 34027 Taw Valley took over.34046 Braunton later failed,so the tour had to be taken back to Crewe with the back-up diesel.

In this scenario you will be driving 34027 Taw Valley from Kidderminster Town to Brignorth.

You will need the following:

GWR Pannier Tanks
LMS Porthole Coaches Packs 1&2
Collett Coaches Pack 1&2
Collett Bow Ended Coaches Pack 1
Period 3 Coaches Pack 2
Hawksworth Coaches Pack 1
GWR Churchward Panelled Toplights Pack 1
West Somerset Railway Class 117
EWS Class 67 Loco Add-On
Riviera Line
Western Hydraulics Pack Add-On
BR Class 33 Loco Add-On
GWR Toplight Coaches Pack 2
West Somerset Railway
GWR 14xx
Virgin Trains First Generation Pack

Bossman Games
BR Rebuilt Bullied Pacific

Steam Sounds Supreme
Severn Valley Railway
GWR 2800 Locomotive pack
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
Matrix Trains Gresley Teak Carriage Set 5
Departmental Hoppers Pack
Departmental Wagon Pack
GCR Demonstration Freight Pack
Salmon Bogie Flats Wagon Pack
GWR 14xx Sound Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
Mk2D-F Coach Pack
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 2
Class 50 Locomotive Pack

Backdated Train Sim
Locomotive Services Ltd. Class 47 Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Statesman Rail Pullman Mk2 and Mk1 Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Locomotive Services Ltd. Mk2 Pack