The Morning 313 [LNERandBR]

The Morning 313 [LNERandBR]

19th May 2021 1 By LNERandBR

This is a semi-fictional scenario for the North London Lines BR/NSE route by Backdated Trainsim. It’s a foggy morning and you’re taking a Class 313 from Richmond to North Woolwich departing at 08:23.
The timings I had available are from the Public Timetable from 1991. However, I found that in the sim they were unobtainable by the player train. Therefore, I’ve not used those for the player apart from the Richmond departure time.
However, the AI passenger services are, mostly, all timed from that timetable. You will also see some freight, and this is based on video and photo evidence from the time.
I hope you enjoy the scenario.

The following requirements are needed for this Scenario to work correctly:
Backdated Trainsim:
North London Lines BR/NSE Route

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 313 Multiple Unit Pack
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volumes 1 and 2
Class 411/412 Multiple Unit Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
JHA Wagon Pack
JXA/POA Wagon Pack
TDA Wagon Pack
Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack

BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack
WCML Over Shap