The Lakes End Branch (Modern)

The Lakes End Branch (Modern)

9th November 2020 2 By TrolleyFodder

The Lakes End Branch is an 8 mile, fictional branch line that winds its way through rolling hills and fields, set in the Midland region.



Settle – Carlisle (track, base terrain textures, foliage etc.)

Malmesbury Branch (various scenic assets)

Medway Valley Line (platforms, trees, various scenic assets)

Riviera modern (track, station assets etc.)

Riviera in the 50s (trees, houses etc.)

Doncaster Works (industrial scenery)

Woodhead line (bridges, houses, various scenic assets)

Woodhead BR blue (bridges, trees, various other assets)

– North Wales Coastal (branded) (platforms, various station assets, signals)

European asset pack (comes with many older routes)

AP stations pack (comes with many older routes)

Return to Maerdy (trees, various other assets)

MP town scenery pack (found on the Steam Marketplace)

MP station asset pack (found on the Steam Marketplace)

MP construction asset pack (found on the Steam Marketplace)

Falmouth (embankments, bushes, fences)

Great Eastern Mainline (various station assets)

West Highland Extension (trees, station assets, level crossings)

Weardale – Teesdale (signals, various other assets)

Western Lines of Scotland

Corris Railway

Canal Pack (found on the Steam Marketplace)

For the best experience, I recommend using the Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack 🙂