The Final 314

The Final 314

17th March 2020 5 By CWilson4747


With an adequate amount of Class 385s now in service, December 2019 was time for the Class 314 units to be retired. Introduced in 1979 these Strathclyde stalwarts ran the rails of Glasgow for 40 years, built by BREL maintained by Shields TMD the PEPs ran from Helensburgh to Carstairs in their early years before being moved to operate out of Glasgow Central High Level running around the Cathcart Circle, up and down the Paisley Canal branch, and ‘Doon the Watter’ to the Clydeside towns of Wemyss Bay and Gourock. It was on these services that the 314s spent the remainder of their days, eventually overtime each unit reached its expiry date, with 314212 the first to be officially retired on the 21st of September 2018, eventually moving to Glasgow Works for scrapping on the 9th of January 2019 (Scenario of that final journey can be found here: 11 months later on the 14th of December 2019 Class 314216 worked the last ever Class 314 passenger service operating the 1735 service from Paisley Canal to Glasgow Central, ending a reign of 40 years of passenger operations.

Now that brings us to the scenario! On the 18th of December Scotrail ran a special farewell tour for the Class 314 units to raise money for MND Scotland, operating around the Glasgow network the veteran units ran on 3 tours, from Glasgow Central to Ayr and back, Glasgow Central to Carstairs and Cumbernauld, and finally Glasgow Central to Helensburgh Central and back, the return leg of the final tour is the section that you will be driving in this scenario. You will start the service at Helensburgh Central before driving non stop to Glasgow Central Low Level where you will off load the 314 enthusiasts before taking Class 314202 and Class 314205 from Glasgow Central Low Level to Shields TMD giving the Class 314s one final run on the mainline. With the use of hindsight this was the final mainline run for these two units as they both got scrapped shortly after this tour. Please be aware that as you are a special train regular passenger services will get priority over you during the run, please expect yellow and red signals throughout, you may also have to sit outside a couple of stations as the scenario is as close to the real world timetable as Train Sim will allow. Hope you enjoy!

Time- 95 Minutes


Route- Suburban Glasgow (

Rolling Stock-

Class 314/315 AP- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 320/321 AP- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 318 Scotrail Reskin- (Class 455/8 DTG) (
Class 460 Juniper- (DTG) *As a replacement for the Class 334*
Class 156 AP- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Abellio Scotrail Class 380- (Vulcan Productions)

Extra Requirements-
AP Track Enhancement Pack- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
AP Weather Pack- (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 320 Scotrail LED patch (Major Wales Design)

Hope you enjoy the scenario!