The European (1988) – 1S85 07:50 Harwich PQ – Glasgow & Edinburgh [1st leg]

The European (1988) – 1S85 07:50 Harwich PQ – Glasgow & Edinburgh [1st leg]

17th February 2024 5 By Harrebarrevarre

In 1983, BR introduced ‘The European’, a loco hauled boat train out of Harwich Parkeston Quay which ran until 1988. You will oversee one of its last workings in its entirety.

This service worked as cross-country services hauled by class 86s from Harwich. After being assisted by diesel traction along the NLL, it would head up along the WCML to destinations such as Birmingham, Manchester, Blackpool, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. 1S85 was the morning service to the two latter destinations catching the overnight boat passengers from Esbjerg and Hoek van Holland. After little success and a complicated route, ‘The European’ was axed from the end of May of 1988, with new 156s taking over with services to Blackpool via Peterborough from the summer of that year.

This journey is split into six legs spanning across different routes to take you on the journey departing Harwich Parkeston Quay at 07:50 and arriving at Glasgow Central at 17:05. Due to this service waiting for boat arrivals at Parkeston Quay, delays and low priority across the network is common. This working typically consists of six Glasgow coaches (including restaurant) and five Edinburgh coaches splitting at Carstairs. These were mostly hauled by class 86s and is here in the hands of vintage liveried 86426 celebrating 21 years of InterCity services in 1987.

1st leg: Harwich PQ – Stratford (GEML+Mayflower Line)
2nd leg: Stratford – Camden Road (NLL BR/NSE v4)
3rd leg: Camden Road – Watford Junction (NLL BR/NSE v4)
4th leg: Watford Junction – Birmingham (WCML South)
5th leg: Birmingham – Preston (Missing Link)
6th leg: Preston – Glasgow (WCML NW&S merge)

Welcome to the first leg of The European!

86426 ran LE from Crown Point this morning to Harwich while the coaching stock usually allocated to Polmadie depot was stabled at Thornton Field Sidings in preparation for today’s service north. Your departure might be a little delayed due to the late Esbjerg ferry, and an express from Norwich will be routed ahead of you on the GEML, but otherwise you should have a good run south to Stratford as the morning rush tails off.

70 minute scenario for the DTG GEML route with the JustTrains Mayflower line extension. Weather: Overcast. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

Due to the lack of correct classes of EMUs on the GEML for this era, I have decided to use 321s as substitute even though they were introduced about a year later.

Requirements (for this leg only):
(* means it has its own requirements)
• Weather EP V2
• Signal EP
• Class 315
• Class 321
• Class 37 vol 1&2
• Class 31 EP*
• Class 86 EP*
• Class 101/117/121 SP* (discontinued)
• Mk1 Coach Pack vol.1
• Mk2a-c Coach Pack
• Mk2d-f Coach Pack
• FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
• TTA Wagon Pack vol.1
• WCML over Shap
• Network SouthEast Class 415 ‘4EPB’ EMU
Just Trains
• IWB Cargowaggon
• GEML Mayflower line extension
Vulcan Productions
• Class 86 426 / E3195 BR Retro Blue