The End of An Era V.2

The End of An Era V.2

6th September 2020 1 By CWilson4747

With the ‘Azuma’ IET takeover on the East Coast Mainline in full swing, having already replaced the fleet of HSTs, which can be seen in the first End of An Era scenario I made linked here: , it was the turn of the Class 91 to be replaced on Anglo-Scottish services. Friday 04/09/20 marked the final Class 91 service to and from Scotland operating on 1S07- 0800- London Kings Cross- Edinburgh and then 1E17- 1330- Edinburgh- London Kings Cross.

Operated by Class 91109, the service closed a chapter in East Coast Mainline history that was in fact opened by the very same 91 all those years ago when the Electra headed out of London Kings Cross bound for Edinburgh for the first time on Wednesday the 12th of June 1991. It closes the very same chapter that it opened some 29 years previous.

Today you will be taking the service across the border stopping at Berwick on Tweed before heading over the infamous Royal Border Bridge over the River Tweed to Newcastle, where you will hand 91109 over to another driver. You will have the privilege of being the final driver to take a Class 91 over the border and down the East Coast Mainline to Newcastle.

As a firm favourite of many it will be sad to see the Class 91 leave the Scottish Rails though I am thankful to have had great experiences on board these stalwarts of the East Coast Mainline. It has been a pleasure that’s for sure, and thankfully we’ve still got them around for a little bit longer
albeit on Leeds and York diagrams!

The stock on this service is accurate to the day and timings should be there or thereabouts, I’ve used my video from the day for the depots such as Heaton and Craigentinny for the stock in there, link to that here:

The journey itself:

Hope you enjoy the scenario!


JustTrains- Newcastle- Edinburgh (JustTrains)

Rolling Stock:
Class 91 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
VTEC/LNER Intercity 225 Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 800 IET Azuma Reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 802 TPE Reskin (Simvue)
JustTrains Voyager (JustTrains)
Abellio Scotrail Class 380 Reskin (Vulcan Productions)
Class 156 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 170 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Abellio Scotrail Class 170 Pack (Vulcan Productions)
Class 320/321 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)*
Class 158 Cummins EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)*
Class 70 Colas Reskin (DP Simulations)*
JPA Wagon Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)*
Class 67 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)*

*denotes stationery stock, not required to run the scenario but will enhance the

Additional Requirements:
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Hope you enjoy the scenario!