Thameslink Full Run v2 (Class 700)

Thameslink Full Run v2 (Class 700)

1st February 2022 36 By Ollie Gardner

This is my second Thameslink Scenario, hopefully better than the first (But not perfect). In this scenario you will take a Class 700 from the sidings just outside of Bedford station, where you will reverse into Bedford to form a morning service from Beford all the way to Brighton. The stopping pattern and Ai in this scenario are very, very loosely based on the real time table but are not designed to be or attempted to be perfect replications of the real timetable. On both the MML and BML you will be running semi fast, but the entire run is still over two hours.

This is aimed to be a fun scenario that gives you a chance to take the 700 for a full route run. I like lots of yellow and reds so I have tried to make the scenario as challenging as possible and kept the traffic as heavy as I could for the entire run (Especially in the core). I’m by no means the best scenario maker in the world but I hope you enjoy.

((I have now exported the scenario as a .rwp file. For those that are struggling to see the scenario in the route. Open the .rwp via utilities.exe. This is a standard scenario so it wont appear in career.)
– I cannot get the train to stop at London Bridge with an 8 car unit, so I have had to use a 12 car unit for the run. If anyone can get this working with an 8 car I am happy to re-upload and take this disclaimer out 🙂
– EMR HSTs are subbed for HSTs in IC swallow livery
– I have attempted to use as few EPs to make this as accessible as possible


– Dannys South London and Thameslink with all requirements.
– AP Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
– AP Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
– Class 166 GWR SuperAlbs reskin
– WCML South (DTG) for the 378s
– Class 700 (DTG)