[TASH]Blackpool Illuminations Rail Tour Scenario For The OTS Northern Lines Route

[TASH]Blackpool Illuminations Rail Tour Scenario For The OTS Northern Lines Route

24th October 2021 2 By BritishRail60062

A scenario for the OTS Northern Lines Route. Here you are to take this special rail tour train from Preston to Blackpool North with a pickup at Poulton-Le-Fylde on the way. Set in 2017/2018 and you will be using 60100 on the “Blackpool Illuminations” Rail Tour with a set of Mk2C’s in Chocolate & Cream. Duration is about 30 minutes and is a simple one to do. You will be following a local service, so be mindful of the signals and TAB to pass any if they don’t change back for any reason. Oh by the way, you are not the only excursion that is going to Blackpool today for the show.

Here is what you will need to make this scenario useable.

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack
Class 156 Pack
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
Class 150/2 Pack
Mk2A-C Coaches
JPA Cement Wagons
Weather Enhancement Pack

WCML South (London to Birmingham for the Class 390)
Class 150/1 DMU*
European Loco & Assets Pack*.
*These are used as the base packs for the AP Enhancement Packs

Just Trains
Class 60 Advanced Pack

Alan Thomson Sim
Imbue Studios/ATS Class 185 Pack – Payware
DB Cargo Class 60 Reskin Pack
Virgin Trains Class 390 Reskin Pack for WCML South Class 390 version.

Major Wales
Overhauled Class 390 Pack
Overhauled HST’s Pack

Scenario Type: Standard
Type: Passenger
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: About 30 to 40 Minutes.

You are welcome to swap trains about in the scenario editor if you wanted to use better trains that you may own already or don’t have the required DLC but I am not responsible for any errors if you do this.

Please post any bugs or issues although I have tested this scenario many times and it works fine on my system although it may not work on yours. Use this scenario at your own risk.

Feedback and suggestions are most welcome and please enjoy the scenario.

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