SWT 159101-106 Original livery

SWT 159101-106 Original livery

28th October 2019 0 By Dale43170

The first 6 out of 8 159/1s converted from former TPE 158/8s entered service with South West Trains in a revised livery, however this version with red doors was short lived as the final 2 159/1s appeared with all orange doors which was adopted by the 159/0s upon refurbishment before the original 6 had their doors repainted to match.


DTG Network SouthEast Class 159 add-on


Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack


A gangway door reskin as these units had a perspex flyscreen which was viynled yellow at the bottom revealing the upper window. (Not present in download image as was taken prior to making it!)

3 QuickDrive files
3 car – Class 159/1 Original
6 car – Class 159/1 Original
6 car – 3 Car Class 159/1 Original leading 3 Car SWT1 Livery

Bat file installer included (highly recommeneded due to number of Geo files needing copying from different places)